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CLAWS Jewelry is dedicated to creating unique and elegant pieces that allow for maximum expression of the owner’s creative spirit. Our durable, one-of-a-kind jewelry is made with fine gemstones and minerals. Using antique pieces as inspiration, we create works of art, each with a life and story of its own. We believe that any stone or jewel can be reworked into a beautiful item that speaks to those who view and wear it. Each piece starts with a vision, and comes into existence after much time, effort and care. We guarantee that any piece of CLAWS Jewelry that you purchase will inspire you to be your most dynamic and eclectic self.

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CLAWS Creations


Posted by CLAWS Jewelry On 5:35 PM

Gun Metal Charms/ Turquoise/ Gold Overlaid Charm/Gold Filled Chain
Entire length of the Chain: 18.5"

This piece was inspired by "Dovima et les elephants".